Side Gusset Pouch

Ideally suited for the pack sizes, 300g – 20kg, this packaging format affords the opportunity to enlarge your marketing/promotional message utilising high quality print. Foxpak can provide packaging mock ups/samples of the side gusset pouch – or any of our products – to assist the design/marketing evaluation process.

Side Gusset Pouch Packaging Features

  • Available with re-sealable zipper
  • Easy open tear notch
  • Non-slip finish.

Technical Information;
General technical guidelines for the 3 side seal/Flat pouch
Finish / Aesthetics Matt, gloss, foil, unprinted and registered matt finish.
Pack Properties High oxygen, UV light and moisture barrier.
Filling Process Suitable for dry and wet goods. High oxygen, UV light and moisture barrier.
Materials Supplied as a two-layer or multilayer material structure either as printed or unprinted pouches.
Printing Process Digital up to 5kg and Gravure up to 9 colours.