Spout Pouch

From early-stage baby food to exotic sauces and wines, spout pouches are a great way to package your product. Spout pouches are safe, light weight, unbreakable and easy to carry. For the busy parent, they offer a quick and convenient meal. For the sauce or wine connoisseur, spout pouches are ideal for indoor and outdoor use (picnic /concerts) plus they are light weight, easy to store.

Spout Pouch Features

  • Different sizes / types of caps plus spouts
  • Anti –choking caps for baby/ toddlers
  • Tamper evident rings
  • Shaped pouch.
Technical Information;
General technical guidelines for spout pouches
Finish / Aesthetics Gloss, foil or matt finish.
Pack Properties Suitable for sterilisation, retort and hot filling processes.
Filling Process Used on filling machines, such as ICS, Gualapack and many more filing machines.
Materials Available in 2, 3 or 4 layer laminates with/without barrier and with/without foil.
Printing Process Gravure printing up to 9 colours.