Vacuum Bags

Whether it’s a thin slice of cooked ham, a wedge of cheese, beef jerky, fillets of smoked trout or a juicy crab/lobster claw, vacuum bags will deliver the best flavour and shelf life.

Selecting from different laminates depending on the food type, vacuum bags will provide the optimum bag vacuum bag for puncture resistance, gas permeability, shelf life and seal-ability.

We can produce short runs of 1,000 vacuum bags using our micro digital facility. You can use this express service for promotions, new product development and trade shows to bring your product to the consumer in a fast, cost effective manner.

Vacuum Bags Features

  • A unique puncture resistance material especially for shellfish
  • Zipper and tear notch.
Technical Information;
General technical guidelines for Vacuum Pouches
Finish / Aesthetics Matt, gloss, foil, unprinted and registered matt finish.
Pack Properties Laminates carefully selected which control levels of gas permeability and puncture resistance.
Filling Process
Materials Multilayers.
Printing Process Digital and Gravure up to 9 colours.