While many companies talk about their concern, We are demonstrating our commitment by investing in R&D to develop a compostable material for general use in flexible packaging.

Compostable Packaging

Foxpak were the 1st Company to achieve EN13432 (2000), ASTM D6400-04 and ISO 17088 (2008) for its triple laminate material. We are currently working on a compostable material suitable for coffee, cereal, dried fruits and pet food packaging. We are committed to developing other compostable materials for new application in the years ahead.

Environmental Impact

Flexible packaging is special in the way that its environmentally friendly characteristics come from producing less waste in the first place. By choosing flexible packaging over traditional formats such as glass, tin and cardboard, you can fight the battle against food and landfill waste, CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

  • Flexible packaging increases shelf life
  • Flexible packaging takes less energy to produce and transport
  • Less material is used in the production of flexible packaging meaning that lower levels of packaging waste will be sent to landfills
  • On average, it takes 25 less delivery trucks to transport flexible packaging. This means 58g less CO2 will be omitted into the atmosphere per delivery

Foxpak Environmental Packaging