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About Foxpak

Established in 2001 as a trading company, we quickly developed a name for ourselves in the flexible packaging market. With innovation at the heart of our company culture, we pioneered the development of digital flexibles in 2008 by becoming the first company in the world to print flexible food packaging using HP digital print technology. 10 years later and our highly skilled and knowledgeable team are practiced in the art of recommending and manufacturing bespoke flexible packaging solutions. We provide award winning packaging to countless brands in over 30 different countries around the world.

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foxpak is creating a greener future.

A leading provider of sustainable flexible packaging.

At foxpak, we actively listen and respond to our customer’s needs. This is why we have been working hard behind the scenes to create “Generation Green” our second generation of flexible packaging that meets the environmental concerns of our customers.

Generation Green is a range of sustainable packaging solutions that can replace traditional non-recyclable packaging solutions. Our team of packaging experts are on hand to help you find the best sustainable packaging solution to suit your needs.

Packaging is a vital link between brands and consumers

Many times, packaging is the final factor considered in the manufacturing process but the deciding factor in the consumers purchasing process. At foxpak, we pride ourselves on developing packaging formats that offer mutually beneficial value for our clients and their end customers.

As a packaging manufacturer, we are unique in offering solutions to our customers at every stage of their journey, from startups and SME’s to mid-size organisations and global brands, we have a service model to suit everyone.

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