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Baking Mix Packaging As Tempting As Your Treats

Baking mixes make it easy to enjoy your favourite baked treats, from brownies to cakes to bread mixes and more. In order to keep these mixes fresh and safe, they must be packaged properly. But what is the secret behind great baking mix packaging?


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Flexible packaging is ideal for packing a wide range of baked goods and baking mixes. It is pliable in nature allowing for a higher product-to-package ratio. This makes it a great option for efficient storage and cost-effective distribution. There are many flexible packaging formats to choose from when packing baking mixes. The most popular choice being a stand-up pouch. Its flexible shape, resealability and sturdy nature make it a convenient option when storing in kitchen cupboards.



Baking mixes make it easy to enjoy your favourite cakes, cookies, bread etc. from the comfort of your home. To ensure these baked goods taste delicious, the mixes must stay fresh. Packaging plays a major part in protecting the product inside. The less oxygen and moisture that enters the pack, the fresher the product will remain. Flexible packaging laminates offer high-barrier protection. They prevent harmful elements from permeating the packaging while retaining the freshly baked goodness of the product inside.



Convenience is key when it comes to baking mix packaging. Press-to-close zippers are ideal for preventing spills. They offer convenience for multi-use products such as powdered sugar and flours. Resealable zippers also help to maintain freshness by protecting the product from external elements. Easy-open tear notches add convenience for all end-users from children to the elderly. They allow for quick and clean opening without the use of scissors.



Each baking mix is unique, so why should the packaging be any different? By opting for bespoke printed flexible packaging, brands can achieve a bold and inspiring first impression. Bright colours and vivid designs help to catch the customers’ attention. This is a great way to differentiate your product from the rest. Give your customer a sneak peek of your product by incorporating a clear or frosted window in your pack design.



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Baking Mix Packaging Options

Flexible packaging bags and pouches are a great option for packing baking mixes and ingredients. The incorporation of quality films and convenient features helps to protect the product from the outside environment while prolonging the freshness of the product inside. When considering flexible packaging for the baking mix industry, there are four common formats to choose from; stand up pouch, three side seal bag, roll film and flat bottom bag.


Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouches are popular for packing smaller volumes such as 250g but can easily hold up to 1kg. The gusseted bottom allows the packaging to stand upright on the shelf. Its sturdy nature makes it the perfect solution for retail packaging. Stand up pouches are simple in design and convenient to use, both for the baking mix manufacturer and the end-user.


3 Side Seal Bag

Three side seal bags are perfect for packing small or single-serve components of baking mixes. Equipped with an easy-open tear notch, customers can quickly and easily open and pour their ingredients into a bowl without the need for scissors.


Roll Film

Roll film is versatile and can be used to pack many baking ingredients including chocolate, icing, fruits and nuts. Roll film is available in a wide range of laminate structures with varying barrier properties and material finishes. It’s the perfect option for running on high speed vertical and horizontal packing machines.


Flat Bottom Bag

Flat bottom bags are adaptable in design and structure. Its rigid bottom offers the right amount of structure regardless of the volume being packed while the square-shaped face provides plenty of room for eye-catching branding and design. With side gussets that can be printed separately, flat bottom bags offer exceptional shelf display.



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If you are in the market for exceptional baking mix packaging, contact us today, or request a quote, and a member of our team will talk you through your options.


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