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The Innocent Pet

A Step by step approach to achieving fully recyclable pet treat packaging

The Project

The Innocent Pet are a family run business specialising in the production of luxury pet treats. They pride themselves on sourcing only the highest quality meat ingredients for their product, so it is only natural that their packaging strategy be the same. 

When the Innocent Pet were searching for new pet treat packaging, our sales team were on hand to show them the benefits of working with Foxpak. When we first began working with Innocent Pet, they had just switched from selling their treats in hard plastic tubs to stand up pouches. Their packaging goal at the time was to increase the sustainability of their pouches while achieving the highest levels of product protection and maintaining their premium look.


The Solution

The team at Innocent Pet understood that making the switch to sustainable packaging was a journey. Although the current paper to plastic laminate structure supported their green packaging goals, there was room for improvement.

During the initial stages of transitioning to environmentally friendly packaging, our team worked closely with Innocent Pet to test and develop a more sustainable option. We reviewed several material options including plastic-free paper and plant-based compostable but concluded that neither offered an appropriate barrier for the moisture content of their pet treats. After further development by foxpak’s R&D team, we were able to offer the Innocent Pet a 100% recyclable LDPE pouch with a matt varnish finish. Not only did this solution increased the barrier performance of their existing packaging, offering greater product preservation, but it also moved them one step further on their sustainability journey

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“Making the move to sustainable packaging is a journey. There is always room for improvement”

The Result

The Innocent Pet currently have a range of nine SKUs, over half of which have been released in recyclable LDPE pouches. Our team are working closely to assist in the switch of their remaining products as well as the launch of new ranges into some of the UK’s best-known pet food retailers.

By choosing Recycle Ready LDPE packaging, it now means that the Innocent Pet treat bags can be fully recycled after use. Once the product is finished, consumers can drop the packaging off at a plastic bag recycling point, usually found at large supermarkets

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Innocent Pet Care Case Study Header Image

Are you a pet food brand making the switch to recyclable packaging?