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Case Study: Linwoods

A collaborative approach to packaging design gives the Linwoods brand a new lease of life.

The Project

Linwoods are a family owned health food company located in Northern Ireland. After a set back with his health in 1995, John Woods became fascinated by the health benefits of food for himself and his family. Today Linwoods produce a range of healthy superfood combinations, which are a convenient, easy and quick way to gain a wide range of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in your diet.

When Linwoods approached us to manufacture their rebrands packaging, we were more than happy to help. Foxpak has been supplying Linwoods with custom printed superfood pouches for over 10 years. Within that time we have established a collaborative relationship where the team regularly seek advice and expertise from our customer sales team and technical department. Rebranding a range of packaging is no easy feat, particularly for a company with a vast product range selling in over 25 countries across the world. It takes a lot of time, money and collaboration, however, it is necessary in order to keep your brand image fresh and relevant.


The Solution

During the early stages of their rebrand, foxpak met with the team at Linwoods to discuss their new requirements. Our sales, marketing and technical teams highlighted current and future trends in health food packaging for Linwoods to consider. To ensure the new packaging would stand out from the crowd, our pre-press department ran several print trials to achieve the best colour coverage and intensity. Once the colours were approved we used our HP 20000 digital press to produce physical prototypes. The benefit of prototype packaging meant that Linwoods could assess market feedback, pack imagery, brand messaging and impact before committing to a full production run.

Linwoods Website Header Image

The Result

The team at Rylands Brand Design created clean and natural packaging designs in line with the linwoods products. Foxpak translated these designs into printed pre-formed flexible packaging. Linwoods officially launched their new packaging to the market in May 2020. Since then, the demand for their product has grown substantially. Their new packaging is modern and vibrant with improved useability, product protection, branding and on-pack messaging.

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