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Case Study: Plant-It

See first hand how digital print accelerates the growth of passionate and innovative brands

The Company

Plant-It is a passionate and innovative brand that manufactures plant-based meat alternatives. Plant-It’s mission is to choose good and do good through inspiring better choices at mealtimes. They have created a range of delicious meat-free products that don’t compromise on nutrition or taste. Sustainability is key to the Plant-it Brand. They are dedicated to planting the planet, one meal at a time, with a portion of their sales going to supporting reforestation efforts. So far, they have planted 21,000 trees globally. 

The Project

Plant-it approached our team with a project launching two new SKUs to the market. At the time, they were active in the plant-based alternative market with several products listed in retailers across Ireland. Plant-It’s new product was in the frozen ready-meal category and required an innovative and practical alternative to the standard packaging in the market. With branding already established, the print and colour quality needed to fit into the existing product range seamlessly. As a growing start-up, Plant-it were looking for a flexible and reactive supplier who could support their ambitious product development plans while adapting and scaling quickly to the growth in demand for their new products

Based on experience and knowledge of the frozen food market, our team suggested the recyclable stand-up pouch to best suit Plant-it’s packaging requirements. With carton packaging dominating the meat-alternative space, this was an innovative alternative that aligned with their sustainable ethos. Our in-house lamination capabilities allowed us to offer recycle-ready packaging with a tailored barrier to help maintain the nutritional value and taste of the product when frozen. The flexible standing format offered more surface space for branding and better visibility on the freezer shelves. 


As this was a product development project, Plant-It required physical prototypes. Our prototype service allows brands to visualise the closest version of their packaging to the final production run. Each prototype is printed, laminated and handmade on production-ready materials, ideal for concept testing, design sign-off and retail buyer presentations.


Branding and colour consistency is important to Plant-it’s marketing team. When briefing us on their project requirements, the new product packaging needed to fit seamlessly with their existing range. After signing off on packaging format and material structure, the last thing to achieve was matching the brand colours on their existing carton packaging. After receiving a sample of Plant-it’s packaging, our pre-press department ran several colour swatches adjusting the process colour levels to achieve the closest match. Once happy with their work, colour proofs were sent to Plant-it’s marketing team for final approval. 

Plant-it chicken-free spice bag packaging

Plant-it successfully launched its new product to the market this year and is now listed in multiple retailer locations across Ireland. Plant-it’s new product has gained popularity in the Irish market. Foxpak’s digital print capabilities have enabled them to quickly scale their order quantities in line with the growing demand for their product. Plant-It continues to innovate in the plant-based meat-alternative market, planting the planet one meal at a time. Click here to view their product range.

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