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Prestige Diagnostics Rapid Test Kit Packaging

Prestige Diagnostics

Time-sensitive demands see Prestige Diagnostics receive 1 million 3 side seal sachets in just five weeks.

The Project

Prestige Diagnostics are leading manufacturers of In-vitro Diagnostic Reagents, Tests and Analysers. Established in 2012, they offer a range of high-quality, clinical diagnostics and point of care products to a global network of specialised distributors.

Prestige Diagnostics got in touch with us in April 2020. At this time, the world was experiencing the first wave of Covid-19 and global demand for testing was high. Prestige Diagnostics urgently required a run of 3 million three side seal bags to hold their newly developed Covid-19 rapid test kits. It was important for Prestige that we match the quality of their current packaging, supplying an option that could be date-coded using an inkjet printer. This project was extremely time-sensitive, so our team got to work. 

The Solution

To ensure continuity from the start, our sales team requested a sample of Prestige Diagnostics current packaging to analyse and determine the exact material specifications and barrier properties required. The results indicated a PET/PE laminate with an aluminium layer. This structure acts as a barrier against oxygen, moisture, gasses and UV light while providing additional rigidity for safe transportation and keeping the product safe from contamination.

To speed up the design process which can often delay production lead times, our prepress department produced basic packaging designs using the relevant symbols and markings provided by Prestige Diagnostics. In the medical device industry, it is critical that medical information is clearly displayed to avoid any confusion with the user that could result in potential legal risk. By opting for high-quality gravure print, we were able to ensure crisp and clean designs throughout the print run.

To meet the tight launch date, our Logistic team organised express shipment for the first delivery. This reduced delivery time by four weeks, ensuring Prestige Diagnostics received the quantities they required to meet demand, avoiding any potential downtime in their production schedule.

The Result

Working closely with our production partners, foxpak was able to deliver an initial 1 million three side seal bags to Prestige Diagnostics in just five weeks. The remainder of the order was delivered shortly after in line with their manufacture timelines. The time-sensitive nature of this project was clear from the beginning. Our team worked hard to expedite this order at every stage of the production process, demonstrating high levels of communication, anticipating any potential disruptions and putting plans in place to minimise them.

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