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Coffee is a staple in households across the world, so it’s important that brand owners understand the must-haves of great coffee packaging. From eye-catching visuals to food-grade films, packaging serves as a sneak peek of the high-quality product inside. This blog post will give coffee brands a good understanding of what is driving growth in the industry as well as the common coffee packaging and design options available to them. As the coffee industry continues to experience growth. Here are a few key trends worth noting.


Flexible packaging for coffee. Flat bottom bag, Quad seal bag, 3 side seal bag and stand up po


Quality and Customisation

Many coffee companies put a lot of time and consideration into creating quality coffee. We believe that their packaging should reflect this. Coffee brands should opt for quality packaging that keeps their product fresh and looking great. Digitally printed coffee bags are a great way to achieve customisation quicker and easier. It provides infinite opportunity to tell the brands story and build trust with customers. Coffee brands can also consider different materials and material finishes as a way of creating custom packaging with quality performance and feel. 


Marketing a mission

The retail coffee market is saturated. With so much noise in the marketplace, It can be difficult to make your brand stand out. Now more than ever, consumers are seeking an emotional attachment to the brands they buy. It is crucial for brands to connect with their customers on a higher level.  It could be a shared view on sustainability, a deeper understanding of ethical sourcing or just being able to put a face to the producer of the coffee they consume.  Packaging design is a great way to appeal to the market while reflecting your brand’s mission and values. 


Increased focus on sustainability 

The coffee industry has a complex supply chain. For many coffee manufacturers, particularly organic and fair-trade roasters, sustainable sourcing is crucial with regards to packaging. Historically, finding environmentally friendly coffee packaging that aligns with the brands sustainable promise has proven to be a challenge. Customers are more conscious than ever about the effects of their purchases on the environment. By reducing waste and moving away from plastic packaging, coffee companies will see a positive shift in their brand perception and bottom line.




Coffee Packaging Options

In today’s retail space, there are several different packaging formats available to coffee brands. These range from coffee cans and single-serve capsules to premium pouches and traditional bags. Flexible packaging bags and pouches are a great option for coffee packaging. The incorporation of a degassing valve and resealable zipper helps to protect the product from the outside environment while prolonging the freshness of the coffee inside. When considering flexible packaging as your coffee packaging, there are four common formats to choose from; stand up pouch, three side seal bag, quad seal bag and flat bottom bag. 


Stand up pouch coffee packaging

Stand Up Pouch

The stand-up pouch is a fan favourite for packing smaller volumes such as 250g and 500g. The gusseted bottom allows it to stand upright on the shelf making it the perfect solution for retail coffee packaging. The stand-up pouch coffee bag is simple in design and convenient to use, both for the coffee roaster and the consumer.




3 Side Seal Bag

The three side seal bag is the perfect option for sample or single servings of ground or speciality coffee. Equipped with an easy-open tear notch, customers can quickly and easily open and pour their coffee without the need for scissors.



quad seal bag coffee packaging

Quad Seal Bag

The quad seal bag is most commonly used for packaging 1kg or more of coffee. With seals on all four sides, this pack stands perfectly upright and looks great on the shelf. Because of the large, square-shaped face, there is loads of room for eye-catching branding and design




flat bottom bag coffee packaging

Flat Bottom Bag

The flat bottom bag is similar to the quad seal bag. Its flat bottom offers the right amount of structure regardless of the volume of coffee being packed. The flat bottom bag is versatile in design and structure, offering side gussets that can be printed separately and a large front panel for exceptional shelf display. 



If you are in the market for stand out coffee packaging, contact us today, or request a quote, and a member of our team will walk you through your options for creating quality coffee packaging.


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