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Digital Design Den

Hyper Customised Packaging Designs in an Instant

In the age of instant, impactful packaging is the secret weapon that helps brands cut through the noise on supermarket shelves. Our Digital Design Den allows brands to quickly and effectively create hyper customised flexible packaging without the time restraints and upfront costs associated with traditional print.

What is it?

Foxpaks Digital Design Den is a powerful dynamic personalisation resource. It automatically generates thousands of unique graphics for embedding into a single print job, all from a fixed number of seed files. This sophisticated design technology allows us to create a range of packaging where each SKU is unique while maintaining uniformity across the product range.

Who is it for?

If you are a brand, retailer, co-manufacturer, broker or design agency that works with foxpak, then infinite designs are in reach. No need for an army of designers working endless hours using vital resources. Just supply us with some basic graphic elements and our Digital Design Den software handles the rest, automatically returning an exponential variety of unique designs.

Digital Design Elements

Digital Design MOSAIC

Using seed patterns, Design Den Mosaic generates numerous unique variations by changing the position, scaling, and rotation of a base pattern.


Digital Design COLLAGE

Design Den Collage uses graphic elements of your choice and combines them to create virtually unlimited designs. Each design is unique while maintaining uniformity across the brand.


Bringing Brands To Life Through Packaging Design


Built on the principle of co-creation, Digital Design Den offers brands of all sizes a level playing field. They can create value, drive engagement, forge a point of differentiation, empower customers, expand their reach and boost their earned media with ease through show stopping packaging designs.

Contact us today and find out how you can benefit from foxpaks Digital Design Den.