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Packaging technology has come a long way. One of the most exciting and popular advancements is the use of flexible films or rollstock to support packaging needs. Quick turnaround times, impactful graphics and ease of use are just some of the reasons why brands are increasingly opting for bespoke printed rollstock packaging.


Impactful Graphics and Branding

Branding is extremely important for all companies but it is especially important if you are trying to set your product apart from 10 others similar to your own. Customers today are looking for more than just functional packaging. Packaging should also be educational, impactful, connected and fun. Digital printing technology brings brands to life with photo-quality realism and vivid colour payoff. Rollstock allows for 100% of the packaging surface to be printed giving ample space for brand messaging, product details, on-pack promotions and smart packaging features such as QR codes or watermarks.


Superior Product Protection

If nothing else, packaging should protect the product it’s holding. Although packaging might look great, if the product inside is compromised by poor functionality, your brand will suffer. Rollstock film is manufactured using specific barrier materials that will protect your product from external elements such as UV light, moisture, oxygen, dust and vapour. This results in increased shelf life, less food waste or spoilage and higher levels of product satisfaction all of which are extremely important, particularly for brands operating in the food and beverage industries.


Quick and Easy Packaging Solution

In today’s retail landscape, being first to market is critical to long-term success, especially if you’re launching new products. Rollstock packaging has a quicker manufacturing turnaround and lower price point compared to pre-formed pouches as there is no requirement for conversion. In any manufacturing operation, delivering quality products quickly and with a high service level is critical. Companies that opt for rollstock packaging often produce more packs per minute using high-speed form fill and seal (FFS) machines. This allows brands to fulfil customer orders and replenish retail stocks in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.



Rollstock laminates are widely available in single polymer construction such as PE/PE or PP/PP. This makes them much easier to recycle compared to mixed plastic laminates. Rollstock uses significantly less material than rigid packaging, tends to be lighter in gauge, produces less waste and has a better product to packaging ratio even compared to flexible pouches and bags. With its recycle-ready nature and ability to significantly reduce food waste, rollstock is a good choice for brands that are looking for a more sustainable packaging solution.

Recyclable Rollstock

At its core, rollstock packaging offers quality and impactful branding with less wasted materials, time and money. This type of packaging has been used to wrap everything from frozen fish to protein bars and special blend coffee grounds.

If you’d like to learn more about how rollstock packaging could help your company reach its goals, we’re here to help. Our team will work with you to determine the right material, barrier properties and graphic options for your product and brand.


If your brand is looking to invest in quality packaging, our team will guide you through the entire process, providing recommendations on increased sustainability, helping to improve efficiencies and adding expert and award-winning value to your end product.


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