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Coffee beans sitting beside a flat bottom pouch

Flat Bottom Bag

The latest addition to the flexible packaging portfolio, the flat bottom pouch offers more range for filling and branding

A rigid and robust structure that carries more product volume while remaining visually appealing on the shelf

The flat bottom pouch offers more support for easy storage when packing your product. The quad-seals, side-gussets and flat bottom provide rigidity and more filling volume than other flexible packaging pouches. Flat-bottom bags are a popular choice in a wide variety of industries due to their ability to hold a substantial amount of product in terms of weight and volume while remaining visually appealing on the shelf. We use only the highest quality materials which extend shelf life and allow the contents of the bag to remain fresh for longer. By adding a zip into your flat bottom design, you can preserve your products integrity while offering a multi serve product option.


  • Functional Features
    • Choose from a standard press to close, velcro zipper, pocket zipper or top slider to maintain your products freshness. Pair any zipper with our easy open tear notch for a clean, straight tear every time.
  • Rigid and Robust bottom gusset
    • The nature of a flat bottom pouch offers more product space at the bottom. The square base offer rigidity and stability when stacked on supermarket shelves.
  • Food Grade Materials
    • All of our flat bottom bags are manufactured using this highest quality materials in our BRC accredited production facility.
  • Large surface area for branding
    • The addition of two extra side gussets and a quad seal structure facilitates more branding space on the side of the pack. The flat bottom bag offers five display panels for maximum shelf impact and brand awareness.
benefits of a flat bottom pouch
foxpak-flat-bottom pouch

Technical Information

  • Sizes

    • Available in sizes ranging from 250g to 7kg.
  • Finish / Aesthetics

    Available in a matt, gloss, kraft, tactile, paper feel, de-metalized, unprinted and registered matt finish.
  • Pack Properties

    Available with oxygen, moisture, light, aroma and puncture barriers to protect your products integrity.
  • Filling and Sealing

    Heat sealable and suitable for hot and cold filling
  • Materials

    Mono or multi-layer laminates using materials such as OPP / CPP / PET / PE / PP / NY / ALU / MetPET
  • Printing Process

    Flexographic and gravure print up to 9 colours from 30,000 units
  • Bespoke Features

    Choose from press to close zipper, velcro zipper, pocket zipper, top slider, easy open tear notch, euro slot, product window, round corners, top handle and degassing valve.

Common Applications

  • Dry food / powders
  • Snack foods
  • Confectionery
  • Pet food / Treats
  • Coffee / tea
  • Sports nutrition
  • Horticulture
  • Seafood

Maximise your shelf presence and brand perception while reducing packaging costs and weight.

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