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flexible packaging resolutions for 2021

For more reasons than one, ringing in 2021 feels like the universal pressing of a “reset” button. The benefit of a new year is a clean slate allowing us to take inventory of what is important, change the processes that aren’t working and make room for new ideas. This year we are challenging our customers to think outside of the box with their packaging resolutions for 2021.


Look for sustainable alternatives

Environmentally conscious packaging choices are an important step towards developing a sustainable future.  Choosing sustainable packaging does not just mean switching to environmentally friendly materials. Sustainability can also relate to pack format, functionality and manufacturing processes. Flexible packaging is unique in the way that its sustainable characteristics come from producing less waste in the first place. By choosing flexible packaging over more traditional packaging formats such as glass, rigid plastic, metal and cardboard, you are already taking steps towards reducing landfill waste, greenhouse gasses and excess energy consumption. Taking the concept one step further, the rising popularity of sustainable materials such as recyclable LDPE, plant-based compostable and plastic-free papers means its easier than ever for brands to make the switch to sustainable packaging.

foxpak has developed a range of flexible packaging options which can be used as an alternative to standard mixed plastic laminates. Find out more about our sustainable flexible packaging here.


Make the most of your brand space

One mistake we see companies make with their packaging is not utilizing the space for knock-out branding. Gravure, flexo and digital print all produce stunning high-quality images which can be enhanced using different material finishes and speciality lacquers. However, your packaging does not have to be limited to outlining product information. Some of the worlds most renowned marketing campaigns were distributed through product packaging. Coca Colas “Share a Coke” and Oreos “Colourfilled” campaigns are just two examples of how brands effectively utilised their packaging space to increase consumer engagement, market share and essentially their bottom line.


Design for convenience

Consumer, retail and technology trends have all contributed to the growing popularity of flexible packaging in the last decade. One major packaging trend that is showing no signs of slowing is consumer demand for convenience. With this being said, it is important to understand what convenience looks like to different customers in order to effectively design your packaging around it. Somebody working in a fast-paced role where they are constantly on the move might value grab and go snack packs more than an environmentally-conscious consumer who requires packaging with a resealable function allowing it to be refilled and reused, or a parent that chooses a family-sized share bag of sweets while doing their weekly grocery shop.


Utilise digital print

Digital print is probably the most underestimated print option when it comes to flexible packaging. Many companies are under the impression that digital print is only beneficial to start-up companies with low quantity requirements which is far from the truth. Digitally printed prototypes allow companies to test their packaging concepts before committing to a full production order. Prototype packaging is useful for companies of all sizes whether they are pitching their product to a retail buyer or presenting their concepts to a product development committee as part of their internal GATE process. Recent advancements in digital print technology have permitted packaging companies to offer variations of variable data to the market which have several uses such as security measures to combat product counterfeiting, tracking and tracing for internal quality control and marketing tools for consumer engagement.  The low MOQs associated with digital print means companies can launch several product variations at once with very little impact on their costs. This allows time for the market to react, letting companies adjust their order volumes moving forward eliminating the high price and environmental impact associated with obsolete stock and packaging waste.


At foxpak, we take care of the Total Packaging Lifecycle. We advise our clients on the correct print options for their stage of the product life span. From prototype packaging to large volume production runs, our team are always on hand to advise you on the best options for your flexible packaging.


If you are interested in implementing our flexible packaging resolutions and would like some advice or information on your packaging options, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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