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Sealing Machines

Making The Packing Process Quick And Efficient

We offer a range of manual, handheld and semi-automated sealing machines to make the packing process quick and efficient. Sealing machines use a combination of heat, time and pressure to create an airtight closure on your flexible packaging after it has been filled. Heat sealers are the perfect solution for multiple flexible packaging formats including roll film, bags to pouches of all shapes, sizes and laminate structures. 

300 GPS Tabletop hand held heat sealer

Manual Operated Heat Sealer

This manual operated constant heat sealer is ideal for packing all kinds of products where space is limited. The GPS, made only in stainless steel, is a hygienic machine for the food industry. The machine is operated by closing the vertical sealing arm. Releasing the arm will end the sealing cycle.

631 PS Impulse Heat Sealer

Portable Sealing Tong

Due to its portable character, this machine is particularly suitable for sealing all kinds of strange and difficult shaped products. To operate, the machine needs to be connected to a transformer, where the seal time can be set accordingly. Once the jaws are closed, press the button to start sealing. After the appropriate time has passed, sealing will stop automatically and the tongs can be opened.

150 PT Portable Heat Sealer

Portable Heat Sealer

This portable sealing device can be used as a handheld model or with foot control as a table model.  Both sealing bars are heated providing efficient heat distribution. This machine is suitable for sealing a range of flexible packaging laminates and thicker films. 

420 SCT Sealing Tong

Sealing Tong

Equipped with a 4.5-metre power lead, sealing tongs enable the user to manouver the unit and seal packages on site. The comfortable insulated grip of the machine keeps the handle cool even when the temperature of the jaws rises. Efficient heat distribution across both sealing bars allows for excellent seal strength across multiple laminate types and thicknesses.

521 MGMI Industrial Sealing Machine

Industrial Heat Sealer

This industrial impulse heat sealer is a reliable and easy to maintain machine that produces a continuous and high-quality seal. The machine is suitable for use on various laminate structures. Both the seal and cooling times are easily adjusted allowing the machine to work with different thicknesses and/or film types. This model is available with several added accessories to make the sealing process quick and efficient.

D 545 AH Horizontal Band Sealer

Continuous Band Sealer

This continuous tabletop sealer is the perfect option for companies that want to speed up their packing process. A continuous band offers higher throughput speeds than conventional models, outputting around 10-15 packs per minute. On this handy tabletop sealer, the packaging is sealed lying flat. Temperature, throughput speed and cooling are all easily adjustable via an easy-to-operate digital panel.

Can’t find the right sealing machine for you?

Contact us for more information on alternative, customised or bespoke packing and sealing machines. A member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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