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Custom packaging design for organic protein smoothies

Three Side Seal

Also known as a flat pouch, the 3 Side seal is a pre-made alternative to form fill and seal packaging.

Available in a wide variety of barrier laminates, the 3-side seal bag is an ideal choice for brands and retailers across several industries

This convenient packaging format comes with 3 sides sealed and one open end for filling and is the ideal choice for brands and retailers for preserving their products freshness. 3 side seal pouches are the format of choice for point of sales packaging, single serve, on the go snacks or tester size products. Available with a range of customisable features such as resealable zippers, easy open tear notches and hanging holes, the versatility of this format expands to mimic the functionality of a multi-use pouch. The 3-side seal pouch is an adaptable packaging format that is suitable for both vacuum sealing and freezing.


  • Resealable Zippers & Easy Open Tear Notches
    • choose from a standard press to close or easy use velcro zipper to maintain your products freshness. Pair any zipper with our easy open tear notch for a clean, straight tear every time.
  • Euro Slot for Merchandising and Point of Sale Displays
    • Include a euro slot in your 3-side seal design for merchandising or point of sale product displays.
  • Food Grade Materials
    • All of our 3 side seal pouches are manufactured using this highest quality materials in our BRC accredited production facility.
  • Durable for Vacuum Sealing and Freezing
    • Made from robust layers that are durable and puncture resistant during both the vacuum sealing and freezing process.
Packaging features
3-side-seal-packaging features

Technical Information

  • Sizes

    Our 3-side seal pouches are available in sizes ranging from 30g to 1kg
  • Finish / Aesthetics

    Available in a matt, gloss, kraft, tactile, paper feel, de-metalized, unprinted and registered matt finish.
  • Pack Properties

    Available with oxygen, moisture, UV, aroma and puncture barriers to protect your products integrity.
  • Filling and Sealing

    Pouches can be filled and heat sealed in line or by hand. Suitable for cold filling, gas flushing and vacuum sealing.
  • Materials

    Mono or multi-layer laminates using materials such as OPP / CPP / PET / PE / PP / NY / ALU / MetPET
  • Printing Process

    Digital print up to 5 colours from 2,000 units or flexographic and gravure print up to 9 colours from 30,000 units.
  • Bespoke Features

    Choose from press to close zipper, velcro zipper, easy open tear notch, euro slot and product window.

Common Applications

  • Fish and Seafood
  • Beef jerky
  • Dry food / powders
  • Snack foods
  • Soups, sauces and spices
  • Pet treats
  • Frozen food
  • Sports nutrition
  • Health and beauty
  • Home care
  • Horticulture

Maximise your shelf presence and brand perception while reducing packaging costs and weight.

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