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The food industry, for the most part, has experienced big changes brought upon by Covid-19. For many food producers, the virus has presented an opportunity for growth. One area showing particular gain is frozen packaged food. The closure of restaurants paired with an increasing number of people working from home has caused a surge in the popularity of frozen items. Such items include fruit and vegetable mixes as well as fish, seafood and meat alternatives. This has directly resulted in an increased demand for frozen food packaging.

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Flexible packaging plays a vital role in maintaining quality food products. When it comes to frozen packaged foods, the type of packaging you select makes all the difference. At foxpak, our frozen food packaging is manufactured using quality laminate films. They provide barrier properties capable of preserving the product while protecting against dehydration and oxidation which could result in freezer burn.

When developing packaging for the frozen food market, it is important to consider what the consumer values, and how the packaged product will fit into their daily lives. From our experience providing packaging solutions to brands in this space, there are three things that make for successful frozen food packaging: sustainability, convenience and a great design.



Sustainability Matters

Consumers are looking for sustainability in their products, from the way the product is manufactured to how it is packaged and disposed of. Sustainably sourced is a commonly expected characteristic of products across multiple frozen food categories. For example, not only do customers expect sustainably sourced seafood, they want that seafood packaged in an eco-friendly solution. Due to its nature, frozen food packaging requires specific barriers to ensure product freshness. Recyclable flexible packaging is the perfect eco-friendly solution. It provides excellent barriers against oxygen and moisture, protecting the food from odours while preserving its colour, texture and taste. Recyclable film is durable and flexible with the ability to withstand freezing temperatures without breaking, cracking, warping or shattering. Recyclable packaging can be vacuum sealed with excellent hermetic seals creating an airtight environment, perfect for the preservation of frozen food products.



Convenience is key

One of the main characteristics of great packaging for any product is convenience. Flexible packaging offers just that. Flexible packaging provides numerous benefits to brands, retailers and end-users through convenience. Printed film is versatile while pre-made bags and pouches are easy to use, pack, transport and store. Many flexible packaging formats come as standard with easy open and resealable closures. This ensures ease of use while maintaining product freshness. Flexible packaging offers a wide range of formats in varying sizes suitable for packing a multitude of different products. Whether you are opting for a single serving of frozen salmon darnes, individually packed smoothie mixes, or a 1kg bag of broccoli florets, there is a flexible packaging option for you. Not only is it versatile in format and size, but flexible packaging also provides a blank canvas for designs that incorporate convenient preparation, cooking and storage instructions. Some flexible packaging technologies also allow for convenient in pack cooking with microwavable and ovenable applications. This makes mealtime faster, simpler and more convenient.



Appealing to the senses

Consumer-facing packaging for frozen food should showcase not only the product quality and sustainability but its branding as well. Brands understand the importance of standing out in a busy retail environment, so emphasis on packaging design all along the supply chain is key. Competition is fierce in the frozen food market. A quick review of the frozen food aisles in your local supermarket will likely result in various brands and varieties selling essentially the same thing. Consideration should be given to developing packaging designs that appeal to the consumers’ senses, promote your brand, deliver your message and stand out from the competition. Custom printed flexible packaging supports packaging designs that are vibrant, clear and eye-catching. Foxpak’s Digital Design Den provides brands with a platform to create thousands of unique packaging designs in a single print run. This design tool ensures that product packaging stands out from the crowd and is noticed by the end-user.


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Whether you’re an established frozen food brand or launching a new line of products, the frozen food market is ripe with potential. There is so much opportunity for growth in terms of product development and brand recognition as well as customer acquisition and sales. Brands can easily set themselves apart with frozen food packaging that offers convenience, sustainability and great design. Just as choosing the right packaging is important, partnering with the right packaging company is key. At foxpak, we produce a variety of stand up pouches, vacuum seal bags and custom printed film for frozen food applications. Our high-barrier recyclable packaging options make us the ideal partner for frozen food businesses. Click here to talk to one of our flexible packaging experts today.


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