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Packaging types provided by foxpak flexibles

Markets we Serve

We work with today’s most ambitious brands and tomorrow’s most successful businesses.

Flexible by name, Flexible by nature

Flexible packaging is versatile which is why it can be found in the majority of supermarket isles. Flexible packaging is suitable for packing products from a range of industries from snacks to seafood. Available in various formats made from bespoke material blends, we have a packaging solution for all product types.


Countless global companies choose flexible packaging as the preferred packaging format for their food packaging solutions

Health Food

Protect and promote the nutritional benefits of the product inside by choosing flexible packaging for your health food products

Pet Care

Every year foxpak assists countless pet food brands to reach their clients with new and innovative pet food products

Sports Nutrition

With the growing popularity of sports nutrition products, flexible packaging helps your product to stand out from the competition

Hot Drinks

As the global café culture intensifies, consumers are increasingly demanding the authentic coffee shop experience at home


Choose from our selection of high-quality laminate blends to protect the integrity of your veterinary product


Flexible packaging ensure that your seafood is marketed in packaging that protects, promotes and preserves the product inside

A selection of health food ranges designed and packaged by foxpak

Seeds and Cereals

Versatile by nature, our conventional and sustainable flexible packaging is the perfect solution for packing a wide array of seed and cereal products

Snacks and Confectionery

Flexible packaging is the preferred choice for many global brands due to its functionality, convenience and shelf appeal

Soups and Sauces

Manufacturers are diversifying with the use of convenient, functional and appealing flexible packaging formats

Frozen Food

Flexible packaging is the preferred choice for frozen food manufacturers as a main point of differentiation from their competitors