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frozen food packaging options

Frozen Food Packaging

With the ability to withstand low temperature and high moisture levels, flexible packaging is the preferred choice for frozen food manufacturers

Give your frozen food product the packaging it deserves with our range of food grade flexible packaging options

The growing desire for convenience combined with the changing retail landscape will continue to have an impact on how, when and where people shop. A need for convenience and affordability from today’s consumer has seen a shift in preference from traditional fresh produce to new and innovative frozen food products.

Frozen food is largely undifferentiated; however, flexible packaging provides convenience, freshness and maximum shelf impact in a crowded competitor landscape. Choose from a range of laminates suitable for your specific product while taking advantage of the ample space for eye-catching visuals and effective brand messaging.


  • Product Freshness
    • With the ability to be manufactured with puncture resistant materials, resealable zip locks and airtight seals, flexible packaging serves as the perfect solution for keeping frozen food fresh, flavourful, and protected.
  • Barrier Properties
    • Our frozen food packaging is manufactured with multiple layers of barrier film. Flexible packaging keeps air and moisture out and locks in the quality, taste and texture using food-grade materials that won’t alter the taste of your product.
  • Versatility
    • Flexible packaging is versatile in so far as manufacturers can package their frozen food products at room temperature, cold, or frozen. The use of puncture resistant materials ensures that the product maintains its integrity when frozen or vacuum sealed.

Common Frozen Food Formats

an image of foxpaks three side seal pouch

3 Side Seal

Adaptable by nature, the 3-side seal is the perfect solution for packing both single serve and large volumes of frozen produce. Manufactured with 3 sides sealed and one opening for filling, the 3-side seal is ideal for high-speed packaging lines as well as hand filling.

an orange icon of the foxpak stand up pouch packaging material

Stand Up Pouch

A unique packaging format that protects and prolongs your frozen food product while remaining easy to pack and display in freezer shelves. Add convenience to your stand-up pouch by incorporating features such as easy open tear notches and resealable closures.

an orange icon depicting the print film used by foxpak

Printed Film

Available in a range of thicknesses and material blends, this is the most versatile frozen food packaging format. Incorporate functionality into your packaging by choosing a puncture resistant layer for trouble free freezing and vacuum sealing.

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