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Modern, colorful packaging

Health Food Packaging

Protect and promote the nutritional benefits of your health food product by choosing flexible packaging

Achieve transparency and functionality through natural and simplistic design using digitally printed flexible packaging

Health food and superfoods are a relatively new strand of products that are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that all serve to benefit the user. With this said, it is vital for packaging to retain and prolong the abundance of nutritional benefits that the product serves. Through our experience in manufacturing packaging for this industry, we give careful consideration to assure the right barrier protection is used in our flexible packaging laminates.

For dry mix powder and seed products that cannot come in contact with moisture, foil-based barriers are typically most effective and often puncture resistance is required to ensure pack integrity and product quality. For all types of health food products, it is very important that the pack delivers a strong visual appeal that connects with the values of the consumer. We work with our customers to produce clean and fresh on-pack appeal that helps cut through the noise on crowded supermarket shelves.


  • Design
    • Flexible packaging provides enhanced levels of graphics for your brand. Our high quality digital, flexographic and gravure print promotes strong, clean and simplistic brand visibility on the shelf.
  • Functionality
    • We offer a wide selection of laminates with customisable barrier properties designed to protect a vast range of consumer health food products.
  • Convenience
    • Flexible packaging provides a lightweight, easy to store packaging option for both the consumer and the producer. Choose to incorporate additional features on your pack to add convenience such as easy open tear notch and resealable zippers.

Common Health Food Packaging Formats

an orange icon of the foxpak stand up pouch packaging material

Stand Up Pouch

The stand-up pouch is a multifunctional format. It serves to protect your health food product while also providing a canvas for eye-catching and visually appealing graphics. Stand up pouches are easy to store and reuse adding convenience to your health food product.

an image of foxpaks three side seal pouch

3 Side Seal Pouch

The adaptability of the 3 side seal packaging format makes it the perfect solution for packing both single serve and large volumes of health food products. Appeal to your consumers at every stage by adding a euroslot to your 3 side seal design to display on hooks at the point of sale.

an orange icon depicting the print film used by foxpak

Printed Film

Depending on the protection and shelf life requirements of your health food product we can print and manufacture bespoke laminate blends to suit your needs. Printed films are ideal for high speed form fill and seal machines and can be converted into a range of different packaging formats.

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