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Pet care snacks and treat packaging

Pet Food Packaging

Every year foxpak assists countless global pet food brands to reach their clients with new and innovative pet food packaging.

Flexible packaging is a convenient, versatile and functional packaging solution for pet food, pet treats and pet care products.

Taking care of pets is a lifestyle choice for many people today. With busy lives and work schedules, pet owners require a flexible solution to preparing, feeding and taking care of their pets. Flexible packaging offers a high level of convenience with a range of easy open and resealable technologies, as well as handles for comfortable carrying and durable formats that take up less space.

With the rise of premiumisation in the pet food market, we offer high quality packaging solutions to some of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world. Let our team of specialists advise you on material specification and pack finishes that will stay in keeping with your brand. Our range of print capabilities allows you to add to your portfolio in line with adapting consumer trends and scale your production in line with changing demand. No matter the product, we have a packaging solution for all of your pet food products.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Pet Food Products

  • Freshness

    • Flexible packaging provides the optimum solution to maintain and prolong the shelf life of your pet food product. We manufacture using only the highest quality material with a range of barrier properties to suit the needs of your product.
  • Convenience
    • With pack sizes ranging from 100g to 15kg, flexible packaging is ideal for any pet food product. With many easy open and closure options plus minimum storage requirements, flexible packaging is the number one choice for global pet food brands.
  • Sustainability
    • With an increased demand for organic pet food and environmental awareness, foxpak has developed a range of recyclable packaging solutions to provide pet food producers with packaging that is in line with their product and brand values.

Common Pet Food Packaging Formats

an orange icon of the foxpak stand up pouch packaging material

Stand Up Pouch

Fully customisable ranging in shape and size, you can introduce this format seamlessly into your range of pet food products. Suitable for retort and sterilisation applications, this format it the perfect solution for packing wet and dry pet food products.

an orange icon of the flatbottom pouch packaging by foxpak

Flat Bottom Bag 

Perfect for large volume pet food products, the flat bottom bag benefits from full height vertical gussets allowing it to stand unassisted. It’s five-panel structure allows for powerful branding and prominent shelf presence.

an orange icon of the foxpak quad seal pouch

Quad Seal Pouch

Benefiting from two expanding side gussets this format is strong enough to hold very large volumes of pet food product without looking bulky on the shelf. This striking format is the first choice for many retailers and pet food manufacturers.

an orange icon depicting the print film used by foxpak

Printed Film

Perfect for use on both vertical and horizontal FFS machines, this versatile packaging option can be filled in line and formed into an array of different formats. A unique blend of materials allows you to customise the barrier properties to suit your pet food product.

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