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Packaged products for the sports nutrition industry

Sports Nutrition Packaging

With growing popularity in the health & nutrition industry, flexible packaging can help your product stand out from the competition.

Flexible packaging is a modern, practical and cost-effective solution for your sports nutrition products

In today’s society, the rise of the health-conscious consumers is bringing about a spike in the sales of sports nutrition products. Forward-thinking brands are making waves in the sports nutrition industry with new flexible packaging solutions, a preferred choice by producers, packers and consumers alike.

Manufacturers are finding that flexible packaging solutions such as stand-up pouches and flat-bottom bags provide more mass-market appeal than their traditional counterparts. Flexible packaging offers a more convenient and cost-saving solution with increased space for branding and quality barrier protection. Digital print technology is paving the way for innovation in this industry allowing manufacturers to introduce new products and flavour variations into the market quickly, efficiently and with minimal cost.


  • New Product Development
    • Digitally printed flexible packaging offers a quick and cost-effective route to market for new products and product development. We can offer you printed prototypes to test your sports nutrition packaging concepts and launch quantities as low as 2,000 units.
  • Volume
    • With typical pack sizes ranging from 250g upwards, packaging formats such as quad seal and flat bottom bags benefit from full height gussets and more durable seals allowing them to hold larger volumes of product while remaining visually appealing on the shelf.
  • Design
    • we offer sports nutrition brands a choice of material finishes and packaging features. brands can benefit from high definition, eye catching visuals with a larger surface area to promote the nutritional and health benefits of their product.

Common Sports Nutrition Packaging Formats

an orange icon of the foxpak stand up pouch packaging material

Stand Up Pouch

The perfect sports nutrition packaging format for volumes of 1kg or less. Commonly paired with resealable zipper, this format is a great solution for consumers who hold convenience and product freshness in high regard.

an orange icon of the flatbottom pouch packaging by foxpak

Flat Bottom Bag 

The ability to hold large volumes of product while taking up less space on the shelf makes this the packaging choice for many sports nutrition manufacturers. large branding area for graphics offers maximum shelf impact for shoppers.

an orange icon of the foxpak quad seal pouch

Quad Seal Pouch

Equipped with two expanding side gussets, the quad seal bag is as great option for packing dense powders. By removing the need for a back seal, brands have plenty of space for uninterrupted  design.

an orange icon depicting the print film used by foxpak

Printed Film

Perfect for packing protein bars, bites and supplements. Our printed film on a rell can be filled and sealed in line using a high speed form fill and seal process. Available with a cold seal feature, this is the perfect option for chocolate coated products.

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