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Veterinary packaging for pet food

Veterinary Packaging

Choose from our selection of high-quality laminates to protect the integrity of your veterinary product

Flexible packaging offers high levels of protection and preservation for veterinary products

Veterinary products play an important role in the prevention and control of animal diseases. These ingredients need very careful protection during both storage and transit. Any leakage or contamination can spoil ingredients and do harm to both the animal and the person who consumes its products. Flexible packaging offers a solution to this issue.

Security features such as heat sealability allows the manufacturer to ensure that their product is received by the end user in the exact way that it left their factory. Design elements such as digital watermarks and QR codes allow traceability on products throughout the manufacturing process.


  • High Barriers
    • Flexible Packaging offers high oxygen, moisture, light and aroma barriers. Choose from our selection of high-quality materials to ensure that the integrity of your veterinary product remains intact throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Functionality
    • The main function of flexible packaging is to preserve and protect the product it contains. High strength laminates ensure complete package safety throughout the product lifecycle. Add functionality through material choice with puncture resistance and strong seal integrity.
  • Design
    • Flexible packaging and its ever-evolving print capabilities provide the perfect background for brand messaging and design. By choosing flexible packaging for your veterinary product you can ensure that important product information is clearly visible to the end user.

Common Veterinary Packaging Formats

an image of foxpaks three side seal pouch

3 Side Seal

Sealed on three sides and open on the top or bottom, this convenient packaging format is perfect for form fill and seal machines and high-speed packaging lines.

an orange icon of the foxpak stand up pouch packaging material

Stand Up Pouch

The stand-up pouch is a versatile and eye-catching format with ample space for brand messaging and several convenient features to choose from.

an orange icon of the foxpak quad seal pouch

Quad Seal Bag

Suitable for holding product volumes of 500g and more, this robust format holds its shape extremely well when filled and can support larger volumes of product.
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