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Seafood Packaging

an image with three seafood product types with packaging customised for each brand and fish type

Flexible packaging ensure that your seafood is marketed in packaging that protects, promotes and preserves the product inside.


  • Product Freshness
    • With the ability to be manufactured with easy-open tear notches, resealable zip locks and airtight seals, Flexible packaging serves as the perfect solution for keeping fish and seafood fresh, flavorful, and protected.
  • Barrier Properties
    • Flexible packaging is made from food-grade materials that won’t alter the quality of your seafood product. Our quality barrier films keep air and moisture out while locking in the quality, taste and texture of your fish and seafood product.
  • Versatility
    • Flexible packaging is versatile in so far as manufacturers can package fish at room temperature, cold, or frozen, and the seafood can either be pre-cooked or packaged raw. The use of puncture resistant materials ensures that the product maintains its integrity when frozen or vacuum sealed.

Common Formats

an orange icon of the foxpak stand up pouch packaging material

Stand Up Pouch

A versatile packaging format that can protect and prolong your product while standing upright in freezer shelves. With its unique shape, the stand-up pouch differentiates itself from more typical seafood packaging giving the product a more premium look.
an image of foxpaks three side seal pouch

3 Side Seal

The nature of this versatile packaging format makes it the perfect solution for packing fish and seafood. The 3-side seal bag can be packed by hand or in line, vacuum sealed and frozen all while maintaining the integrity of your seafood product.

an orange icon of the flatbottom pouch packaging by foxpak

Flat Bottom Bag

Growing in popularity, the flat bottom bags prominent shelf presence and ability to stand unassisted offers maximum impact for fish and seafood brands. Five graphic panels ensure that the branding and nutritional value of the product are seen on shelf.

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