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Recyclable Packaging

Manufactured in line with government and retailer expectations, Our packaging is made from widely recyclable materials. 

Recyclable Flexible Packaging Solutions

Our plastic and paper films are widely recyclable across Europe, Ireland and the UK. Manufactured in line with Government and Retailer guidelines, our recycle ready packaging is customisable with high-barrier laminates and convenient features providing optimal product protection. Similar to standard pouch constructions, our recyclable LDPE packaging is oxygen and water vapour resistant while our paper laminate is completely plastic-free.

Recycling Symbol 4 LDPE

Recyclable Plastic


Made from quality LDPE and PP material this recyclable packaging option boasts high barriers and extended shelf life. Suitable for packing wet and dry products, recyclable plastic packaging is a great choice for many food and non-food products.

Recyclable Paper

Barrier Coated Paper

This plastic-free packaging option is widely recyclable at kerbside. With low barrier properties and shelf life this is the perfect solution for FMCG or non-food products. not suitable for holding products with a high moisture content.

Recyclable Packaging Options

Recyclable Stand Up Pouch

Recyclable Stand Up Pouch

Highly versatile and convenient, stand up pouches are a popular packaging choice for many food and non-food products

recyclable 3 side seal bag recyclable sachet

Recyclable 3 Side Seal

Also known as a flat pouch or sachet, the 3 Side seal is a convenient pre-made alternative to form fill and seal packaging

Recyclable Roll Stock Film

Recyclable Roll Stock

Printed film or flow wrap film is the most versatile pack option perfect for high-speed form fill and seal production lines

Recyclable Flat Bottom Bag

Recyclable Flat Bottom Bag

The flat bottom or block bottom bag is robust making it the perfect packaging format for holding large volumes of product

Recyclable Spout Pouch

Recyclable Spout Pouch

Spout pouches are ideal for packing liquid and powder products while achieving excellent usability and visual impact

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