Foxpak Celebrate 20 Years Of Delivering Innovative Packaging Solutions

Blog Post Feature Image Celebrating 20 years of delivering innovative flexible packaging solutions

This year Foxpak celebrate 20 years in business. Established in 2001 as a trading company, we quickly developed a name for ourselves in the flexible packaging industry. 20 years on and our highly skilled and knowledgeable team are practised in the art of recommending and manufacturing bespoke flexible packaging solutions. We provide award-winning packaging to countless household brands in over 30 different countries around the world. There have been many notable milestones and achievements over the last 20 years. With innovation at the heart of our company culture, we pioneered the development of digital flexibles in 2008 by becoming the first company in the world to print flexible packaging using HP digital printing presses. Since then we have been on a journey to creating a greener future through the development of sustainable packaging and business practices.


Foxpaks Innovation Timeline

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Protein Packaging: Making The Switch From Tubs To Pouches

Blog Post Feature Image Protein Packaging Making The Switch From Tubs To Pouches

Sports nutrition is an umbrella term that covers many different products from protein powders to energy bars and health supplements. Traditionally, protein powder and supplements were packed in plastic tubs. Recently, the number of sports nutrition brands switching to flexible packaging solutions has soared. Today, sports nutrition products come in a variety of packaging solutions. Some popular formats are stand up pouches, three side seal bags and flat bottom bags, as well as plastic or paper laminated films. Compared to tubs, pouches are seen as a more modern packaging solution. In addition to being practical and cost-effective, they save space and allow for increased branding. It’s safe to assume these benefits are why flexible packaging solutions are now a preferred choice by most sports nutrition brands. 

This blog summarises some of the questions you may have before making the move from rigid tubs to striking, innovative and sustainable flexible packaging bags and pouches.


How sustainable are pouches versus tubs?


sports nutrition protein pouch


In general terms, flexible packaging is seen as a more sustainable alternative to rigid plastic tubs. Pouches are lighter and use less plastic to hold the same amount of product compared to traditional tubs. Their flexible and lightweight nature makes them easier to store and transport, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions during the logistics process. Recent developments have seen the introduction of recyclable materials in flexible packaging. Recyclable bags and pouches are quickly becoming the packaging of choice for sports nutrition brands. Our recyclable options include high barrier LDPE and plastic-free paper.


Will flexible packaging offer my product the same levels of protection?



Flexible packaging is an excellent option for products that require high levels of protection from external factors such as oxygen, moisture and UV light. Sports nutrition bags and pouches are made using laminates. These structures can be modified to achieve specific levels of protection for the product being packed. materials such as metalised polyester and aluminium provide an excellent all-around barrier to preserve sensitive products such as powders, chocolate and capsules, while the use of resealable zippers means that bulk powders and supplements remain fresh throughout their use. Food safety and product integrity are extremely important when it comes to packaging. All of our sports nutrition packaging is manufactured using food-grade laminates in our BRCGS certified facility.


Will flexible packaging help my product stand out on the shelf?


sports nutrition supplement packaging


The sports nutrition market is saturated so packaging should be as eye-catching as possible to stand out from the competition. Flexible packaging holds an advantage over traditional rigid tubs by offering a larger surface area for branding and messaging. From pixel perfect digital print to hi-definition flexographic and gravure print, flexible packaging supports the use of detailed graphics, saturated colours and powerful branding. Aside from excellent print quality, digital print technology also supports hyper customisation and personalisation in flexible packaging designs. This ensures that your sports nutrition packaging always stands out on the supermarket shelf.


Are you a sports nutrition brand looking to make a switch from tubs to flexible packaging? Get in touch and our team will guide you through the complete process. Providing guidance along the way and helping to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add value to your sports nutrition product.



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