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Foxpaks Response To Covid-19

Foxpak is operating as usual despite the current lock-down in Ireland. We have been deemed an essential service to the food and beverage industry and remain fully operational throughout Covid-19. In order to protect the safety of our workers, we have implemented procedures and continuously take advice regarding best practice from the World Health Organisation, The HSE and the Irish Government. Below are examples of some of the procedures we currently have in place.


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The Effect of COVID-19 on Production and Lead Times

Our sales team are working tirelessly to keep customers updated on any potential disruptions to their orders due to delays in transit or raw material availabilities. Due to continuously changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19, transport and production can be delayed at short noticed. If this is the case, our sales team will update you as soon as we become aware of such delays. If you have any questions please get in contact with your account manager.

For further information on our response to Covid-19 please contact us at or +353 (0)41 981 9058.


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